Operation Timothy

Discipleship and Mentoring

Operation Timothy (OT) is a relational discipleship tool named for the Apostle Paul’s discipling of young Timothy. It is a progressive Bible study designed to help people grow spiritually and is rooted in the Great Commission, “as you go, make disciples of all nations.”

Mentors or disciplemakers have a choice of using an electronic version of OT Signature or OT Classic (1995 edition).

OT Signature

The Signature Edition was first introduced in 2008. This version has three books, Life Questions, Life Foundations and Life Perspectives with a total of 20 chapters.
Signature differs from its predecessors in that the questions are slightly more inductive and encourage open-ended discussion.

OT Global

Operation Timothy Global is the newest version of OT launched in 2022. While similar to OT Signature in content, this version is ideal for both men and women. OT Global is available in multiple languages including English, French, Swahili, and Portuguese so you can disciple others around the world.

OT Classic

First introduced in 1995, Classic has become what its name infers. This version has four books, Finding the Way, Knowing the Truth, Living with Power and Making a Difference with a total of 24 chapters. Classic lends itself to a more traditional workbook, fill-in-the-blank type of interaction.